The Importance of Aftercare and Reintegration

WDP believes in the importance of providing a clear pathway through recovery, including a strong focus on aftercare and reintegration. Relapse is a symptom of addiction and along with mental health problems, the temptation to revert to substance misuse can be particularly strong.
Ensuring that services users continue to receive support from their recovery worker and family can help prevent relapses. Support for service users is of the utmost importance and we recognise that for those experiencing problems with substance misuse, recovery is a complicated and intricate experience. 
At WDP we celebrate involvement with individual's recovery. By taking charge, and getting involved with reintegration programmes, those in our services are able to take control of their addiction. 
WDP services run Giving Something Back (GSB) Into Work courses. This is a supported employment programme that provides people with the opportunity to progress in their recovery through 10-week employability programmes guiding people into sustainable, paid employment. The project aims to build confidence, employability skills and provides support for people to enter the workforce through various methods such as mock interviews, CV writing and interpersonal skills workshops.
Please find some feedback below from some of our WDP participants:
“Excellent course for building self-esteem and confidence as well as learning new skills which are transferrable throughout life and work” Barnet participant
“This course has really put my body and mind in a great place to move onwards and upwards. I never imagined I would gain so much from it” Havering participant
Professor John Strang notes that "work, paid or unpaid can be a vital part of recovery, helping people to gain self-esteem and build their social identity. Routes into work during recovery can help to sustain gains made in treatment”.
It is during Recovery Month that we should celebrate all those who are enduring/overcoming their addiction and emphasise the importance of aftercare and reintegration.
Published on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 11:37