Hertfordshire Family Services

We work in a family-focused way to help children to be safe, resilient and healthy; adults to be effective parents; and families to communicate.

Did you know that last year in Hertfordshire there were more than 1000 children living with parents whose drug or alcohol use was so problematic that they needed treatment? There were also over 1000 cases of domestic abuse incidents occurring in the last year in Hertfordshire where children were present in the family home. We have helped over 300 families in the last six years.

We are very proud of our achievements

  • 78% of children have improved resilience 
  • 67% of children have improved their emotional wellbeing 
  • 73% of children have improved their social functioning 
  • 89% of parents have improved their parenting skills 
  • 95% of families said the impact of substance misuse had reduced 
  • A reduction in poor school attendance and exclusion 
  • 73% reduction in anti-social behaviour 
  • £1 spent on family interventions saves £9.20 in Health and Social Care costs 

From our experience, we know that dependency on drugs and alcohol can have huge effects on children and families, including carers and other wider family members. We recognise that positive family relationships are a key element of sustainable recovery.

shutterstock_137446907.jpg“You and your team are so committed and full of passion for the job. Prevention is the right answer, and you have a way forward that definitely works- fantastic!” Hertfordshire is not only proud to have people like you, but also so lucky”. (Fergus McMullen, High Sheriff of Hertfordshire)

We have developed a range of specialist children and family services to support families where a variety of issues around drugs or alcohol and domestic abuse are causing problems for the children, through our unique approach with Therapeutic play, Parenting support, and Family therapy. 

WDP specialist family services in Hertfordshire

Herts Family Services is a WDP project that works with children, parents and families in Hertfordshire with a variety of complex needs, including domestic abuse and/or drug and alcohol problems. Other needs can include parenting support and advice, unemployment, mental health, debt and housing or benefit problems.

Services provided at Hertfordshire Family Services :