Peer mentoring

Since 2011, WDP has been training peer mentors (referred to as Recovery Champions) to support service users on their recovery journey, in order to to enhance its services overall. Since October 2013 we have delivered an accredited qualification: OCN Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring.  

Woman smiling at another woman_0.jpg“It’s given me so much more strength in my own recovery” - Peer mentor

The pilot was rolled out in HMP Woodhill and HMP Bedford and has since started in community settings. Training is delivered over a six week period (one day a week) and service users are offered a three to six month placements in their services. 

Peer mentoring supports:

  • Improved life and work skills and increased job readiness 
  • People reporting that they feel less socially isolated 
  • Increased wellbeing

Placements are varied in different services and include:

  • Coaching and mentoring others
  • Co-facilitating groups
  • Escorting clients both within and outside the community, for example detox/rehab and benefits appointments
  • Support service users with form filling
  • Involvement with induction and information giving about services within NWDAS and in the community 
  • Peer-led support groups